CAM Walkers and Air CAM Walkers

What You Need to Know About CAM Walkers and Air CAM Walkers

CAM Walkers and Air CAM Walkers are orthopedic devices used in the protection and healing of a wide variety of ankle ailments and injuries. The term "CAM" stands for controlled ankle movement and works exactly like it sounds, preventing further injury through compression of the ankle while limiting ankle flexion.

There are two main categories of CAM Walkers, the standard CAM Walker and the Air (Pneumatic) CAM Walker. Depending on the severity of your injury you will want to consult with a physician on the proper CAM walker type for your specific injury.

CAM Walkers

Standard CAM Walkers come in a variety of styles and colors but are generally constructed of a hard molded plastic material with a padded neoprene liner and a hard rubber sole. Generally used for minor to intermediate ankle and foot injuries, standard CAM Walkers provide compression through use of tension straps to achieve the desired support.

Air (Pneumatic) CAM Walkers

Much like the standard CAM Walker, Air or Pneumatic CAM Walkers are constructed of constructed of a hard molded plastic material with a hard rubber sole but the neoprene liner encloses a pocket of air that can be adjusted with a built in pneumatic pump. Air CAM Walkers provide a greater amount of compression than their standard CAM Walker counterparts and are generally used for intermediate to major ankle injuries.

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